Terms and Conditions



These legal conditions regulate the permitted legal use of the page with URL www.beats4seven.com, these general conditions regulate the access and use that the owner of the website makes available to Internet users. Access to it implies its acceptance without reservations. Once the user ticks the box of acceptance of conditions and terms of use, he will accept each and every one of the points of this contract of use.  

Beats4seven is a rap and rnb instrumental download platform, which works through a monthly subscription service. We have some of the best Spanish producers, each one contributing their style of production, to offer a great variety of styles.  


You can be a member of Beats4seven through two monthly subscription plans:  

1. Standard plan , priced at $ 7 per month and includes:
- 4 beats licenses per month.
- Possibility to buy extra beats + their tracks for $ 7 each.  

2. Vip Plan , with a price of $ 12 per month and includes:
- 4 licenses of beats per month + the tracks of the four beats.
- Possibility to buy extra beats + their tracks for $ 5 each.  


- When you sign up for Beats4seven you do not have any period of permanence, you can unsubscribe the following month without any problem and without having to pay another fee, as long as you notify us 5 days before your monthly subscription ends. You can also unsubscribe yourself, in the tutorial menu we have a video that explains how to unsubscribe.  

- The monthly licenses are not cumulative, you can never download more than 4 beats per month, but you can buy extra beats at the price that includes your subscription plan.  

- We do not offer exclusive instrumentals, although we can put you in contact with very good producers who can create something customized for you.  

- Our licenses can be used as you want, wherever you want, without limit of sales, without limits of commercial uses, you can monetize with them in streaming, YouTube ... etc. 

- It is not allowed to register the content id of the songs you publish.

- You can not resell a license acquired in Beats4seven.

- Only the user registered on the platform can use the beats, you can not register yourself and

download beats for a friend, it is all registered with content id and the subject would be blocked in any publication, in addition it will cause low in the platform.  

- In any publication it is necessary to name "Music by" name of the producer "acquired in Beats4seven".  

- In case the payment of the monthly payment does not become effective for any circumstance, or there is a breach of the clauses of the contract by the user, Beats4seven reserves the right to cancel the user.  

- Beats4seven reserves the right to update all or any of the terms of use of the contract. The new versions of the terms of use agreement will be considered valid at the time they are published on the portal for new registered users and 15 days later for registered users prior to their publication.  

- Beats4seven reserves the right to suspend all or part of the services provided in the portal. The total or partial suspension of the provision of the service will suppose the cancellation of the contract of terms of use and sale of publications agreed with the user. The total suspension of the service of Beats4seven would suppose the suspension of all and each one of the services that are lent to the user.  


- In Beats4seven we give you the possibility to buy extra instruments. For example, when you have exhausted the monthly downloads.  

- Standard users can buy beats at a reduced price of $ 7, while Vip users can buy extra instruments even cheaper, at a price of $ 5 each.  

- The instrumentals purchased in the store, have the same conditions as downloads, are licenses, monetizable, free of use ... etc.  

- All beats purchased, include the tracks that comprise it.

- It is not allowed to register the content id of the songs you publish.

- You can not resell a license acquired in Beats4seven.

- You can only use beats purchased by the registered user on the platform.


- The user must state that he has read and accepts the terms of use of this contract by marking the corresponding box. In the event that the user does not check the acceptance box, the registration of the user in the user registry will not occur until it is done correctly. The registry of registration in the portal and the use of the platform is reserved for people who can sign and contract in the terms established by the Spanish legislation on online purchases. If you are under 18 you must be authorized by your parents or guardians to register on the portal.  

- Once you have selected your subscription plan, you will proceed to pay via Paypal or credit card, the payment is 100% secure.  

- The next month you will be automatically charged the new monthly payment, in case you do not want to remain a member, you can unsubscribe from your user profile. You will remain active until the end of the month.  

- When registration occurs in the user register, you will generate a personal identifier and password. The IDs and password are strictly personal and confidential and should not be disclosed to third parties.  

- In the event that Beats4seven verifies that a user makes improper use of their registration keys, they reserve the right to proceed to the definitive withdrawal of the user from the general user registry.  

- The registration data communicated by the user is understood to be true and belongs to the person who registers in the user register. In the event that there is a change in the registration data provided, the user agrees to modify them in the portal in the shortest possible time.  

- The prices of the publications and services of Beats4seven will be perfectly visible and accessible to users. Prices will be indicated in US dollars, including taxes and fees such as VAT  

- Apart from the 4 licenses that correspond to you each month, you can buy extra instrumentals with their tracks at $ 7 or $ 5 according to your subscription plan. These payments can also be made with Paypal or credit card.  


- The files that the user downloads on the Beats4seven platform, for later use in publications or own musical works, are the sole responsibility of the user. Beats4seven states that it does not assume any responsibility whatsoever over the contents of the publication or regarding the possible claims of third parties.  

- Beats4seven reserves the right to insert advertisements on the platform that will be visible to all users who access it.  

- The non-availability of the provision of the HOSTING service during the period of validity of the contract when this non-availability is due to problems in the Internet, causes of unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure or any other unforeseeable contingency beyond the good faith of the company. In any case, Beats4seven undertakes to try to solve the problems that may arise and to offer the necessary support to the user so that these possible incidences are solved in the quickest and most satisfactory way possible. In addition, Beats4seven reserves the right to temporarily interrupt the provision of the service due to imperative needs for improvement or repair of the technical means used to provide it.

- Subscriptions will have a minimum period of one month.